[Opendnssec-develop] Re: Finishing SoftHSMv2

Francis Dupont fdupont at isc.org
Sun Apr 20 14:41:13 UTC 2014

Rickard Bellgrim writes:
> Francis:
> * SOFTHSM-59 - Chase memory leaks

=> IMHO this one is not closed just because it was not finished
(i.e., there still are some memory leaks) but as it cannot be
(some leaks are very hard or impossible to fix, e.g., OpenSSL ERR)
I suggest toi fix it.

> * SOFTHSM-64 - Compile on Windows

=> I did a similar thing for bind 9.10 using a perl script to
configure a lot of options but perl was already required.
I can propose the same for SoftHSMv2 on WIN32 but this would add
a new requirement (i.e., perl or python). Unfortunately there is
no other required external tools from OpenSSL (which requires perl)
or Botan (which requires python), and it should take some time to
do both (or does someone want to help? It is just a trivial argument
decode and substitution in project files)


Francis Dupont <fdupont at isc.org>

PS: I have some free time (Eastern holidays).

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