[Opendnssec-develop] Re: [Opendnssec-user] opendnssec 1.4.4 and mysql

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Fri Apr 4 08:31:17 UTC 2014

On 3 Apr 2014, at 14:05, Jerry Lundström <jerry at opendnssec.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> On tor, 2014-04-03 at 14:53 +0200, Jerry Lundström wrote:
>> Sadly there is a little bug that passed us by here, the issue is that a
>> SQL join was made to the key data which is a view and MySQL does not
>> like this.
> The problem was not really the join but more that the alias to
> KEYDATA_VIEW is misleading, the alias "k" and "d" is used inside the
> view and looks like they are exported to outside the view and the alias
> "k" set in the SQL statement for key list can't be trusted on.

Jerry - thanks for taking over this investigation and providing a fix :-)

> So Sara/Warren and anyone else working on 1.3/1.4 SQL stuff, have that
> in mind in the future.

It is amazing what _three_ pairs of eyes can miss!

> Will see if I can get MySQL tests to run via the build bot quickly today
> and we should be able to push out a candidate tomorrow.

I would like to suggest we introduce a #build_mysql command now so code changes that touch DB queries can run it before the PR is merged. 

Also, in terms of avoiding a similar problem with jenkins in future I would like to suggest that large scale changes to jenkins are reviewed by a second pair of eyes, just as we now have with code changes. We rely so heavily on jenkins now that I think this is prudent. Jakob - as the jenkins backup admin have you reviewed the changes Jerry made for the migration to Git (if I understand correctly quite a bit was changed?)

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