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Jerry Lundström jerry at opendnssec.org
Mon Sep 30 09:05:38 UTC 2013

On Sep 28, 2013, at 17:42 , Sara Dickinson wrote:

> The details of HOW we offer the ability to do email notification is obviously up for discussion but we need to be mindful that users want something simple for them (not necessarily simple for us) :-)
> What is your specific technical objection to implementing email?

On the HOW; I object implementing email/xmpp/whatever support into the Enforcer and/or Signer because I don't think thats their purpose.

On the IF; Of course there should be ways to get notifications from our software, I feel we are lacking a lot here. This is somewhat also connected to the monitoring of OpenDNSSEC. If we could provide better logging, for example tagging log message with error/info codes etc for a lot easier parsing, implement a simple hook/event system and provide more tools and/or better output from existing tools then any system administrator will be able to integrate OpenDNSSEC with their environment being emails, XMPP or whatever. This essentially kills a few birds with the same stone.


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