[Opendnssec-develop] Team meeting - Thursday 26 Sept 2013 @ 14:00 CEST

Yuri Schaeffer yuri at nlnetlabs.nl
Thu Sep 26 10:29:29 UTC 2013

> Hearing the responses from Yuri and Jerry, it sounds as if an
> iCalender event at the time it is established is useful.  My use for
> it is to have a reminder alarm just before the meeting, which might
> be something to add to the event before it is sent, or by us
> recipients.  It would also mean that Sara can forego the reminders,
> which might simplify her flow.

Well I have the same workflow as Jerry, including an alarm. But it
happened once or twice that I forgot to add it to my agenda. Sara's
reminder saved the day. Having some ics file attached to an email will
not increase probability call reaches my agenda.


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