[Opendnssec-develop] Fwd: OpenDNSSEC Test Co-ordinator

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Tue Nov 19 12:51:07 UTC 2013

Hi All, 

At the board meeting at the start of the month there was again discussion of the fact that we don't have a dedicated tester in the OpenDNSSEC team and that if we did this would greatly help with the production releases and 2.0 development. I took an action to draw up a first pass outline of what such a role might involve - please see below. I think this would need someone who was available at least a couple days a week to be effective. Comments and feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. 

Once agreed, the next step would be to circulate this description to contributing organisations and also possibly the users list to see if anyone was willing to adopt this role, or contribute resources (people or money) to making it happen. If anyone has thoughts or ideas about this aspect, that would also be helpful!

Best regards


P.S. I'll give a brief update on the board meeting at the next developer team meeting - completely forgot this last meeting!

OpenDNSSEC Test Co-ordinator

Responsibilities for this role would include:

- Monitoring of regression testing system status
   - Initial investigation of test failures to determine the cause 
   - Depending on the problem either directly implementing a fix or co-ordinating with the relevant developer to solve the problem

- Maintaining and extending the existing test framework
   - Add/update functions in the framework to 
        - improve usability 
        - reduce code duplication
        - make porting tests between branches as simple as possible

- Track and improve existing functional test coverage
   - Working with developers to create tests for new features as they are implemented
   - Improve the tools that analyze the existing test coverage
   - Identify areas missing from the current functional tests
   - Work with developers to increase the coverage

- Performance and Endurance testing
   - Work with the developers to benchmark the performance of the production and development releases
   - Develop endurance and stress tests to model user environments

- System administration of the testing platforms including management of
   -  jenkins test jobs and configuration
   - 15 virtual test machines (jenkins slaves)
   - 1 Dell PowerEdge R310 (performance testing machine)

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