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On holiday until dev meet.

Jerry Lundström - OpenDNSSEC Developer

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Hi Jerry,

On 11/08/2013 01:59 PM, Jerry Lundström wrote:


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   Please find a wiki page with details of the developer workshop and a

   first pass at a draft agenda here:


   Please let me know if you have any topics you would like covered at

   the workshop that are not on this agenda, have any suggestions for

   other sessions we could have or if you would like any sessions moved


I would like to add a few topic at/around Moving to Git + more:

- What is Git?

Short intro into Git. I can talk some what it is and whats different

from SVN but this would be more giving if everyone can come up with

questions/fears about Git before hand and I can try and answer them.

In the teleconf Jakob suggested that all developers get familiar with
git before the developer meeting. I think that is a good idea. If
everybody does that, there is no need to do an introduction on Git
during the workshop.

- A workflow proposal: How we can work with Github

This workflow is based on the workflow created at .SE where the

development department has done the exact same thing we are doing. At

.SE we used SVN in the same manner, one repository for many softwares,

moved it to Atlassian Stash (a Github clone since we can't put it

outside our infrastructure) to one repository for each software and

developed a proccess with integrated review for quality control.

Can you share .SE's workflow on this list? Again, I think it would be
good if we can get familiar with the proposals before the meeting starts.


Best regards,

- Git Flow: What is it? How I use it. How you can use it.

Git Flow is a way of working in Git that comes with Git integrated tools

that helps you a lot, instead of having know 10-15 git commands you have

about 4. I can talk shortly on what the ideas behind the process is, how

I use it for other softwares and how we can use it in OpenDNSSEC with

regards to the workflow proposal.


If people wants to have a workshop with Git we might need to rearrange

the agenda some, maybe move 2.0 to the morning after and have a half day

Git the later part of the first day.


- Jenkins and testing platform

The testing platforms are due for an upgrade. I can give a short

presentation on how it works today and whats going to change. We can

also talk about OS/arch support.

I also want to warn everyone right now that the talks might not be well

prepared since I will have one day, before the meet, to prepare them! So

there will probably be a lot of Uhm's.


Jerry Lundström - OpenDNSSEC Developer



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