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Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Mon May 20 14:39:37 UTC 2013

Hi All, 

Please find below a list of the actions generated in the OAB meeting last week for your perusal with some added notes to give context. 

The minutes from the developers workshop are also available for review:


I'll add agenda items to the next team meeting (28th May) to discuss both. 



Begin forwarded message:
> ACTION: Sara will update the wiki with more detail on support of releases given the slight changes in policy agreed.

The developers suggested changing the version policy to allow the addition of new command line options in patch releases. This was suggested as a pragmatic solution to the problem of wanting to implement very small new features being blocked by the maintenance overhead of a minor version bump. This proposal was accepted by the board. 

> ACTION: Patrik will talk to SIDN and CZ.NIC to see if they can offer testing resources for OpenDNSSEC enforcer-ng development.
> ACTION: Sara and Yuri will discuss any outstanding 2.0 issues that block porting regression tests so this could happen asap.
> ACTION: Patrik will ask Lars to do some benchmarking. Sara asks to be involved in this so there is no duplication of effort.

The need for testing resources on 2.0 was identified in order to ensure the interface is as compatible as possible with 1.4 and to support the migration of the existing regression tests.

> ACTION: Olaf wants to keep a 'usability discussion' as a running agenda item, to see if we can improve usability and  Sara can report what the current usability issues are.
> ACTION: Sara will set up a wiki page where users can contribute usability scripts and she will email users to request input on usability issues they find they currently have to work around.

There was an in depth discussion about understanding the strategy for usability improvements in the OAB.  It was also clear from talking to users at the 'Meet and greet' that many consider usability and better monitoring tools as a higher priority than additional functionality so we will request more input from users on the specific usability features they would like. 

> ACTION: Development team will focus on firstly releasing a 2.0 enforcer-ng with same functionality as 1.4 but with improved performance. This means that the new functionality will not necessarily be exposed in the first release (the new features should not block the release but could go out if they are ready). The plan would be to add all remaining new features in 2.1, 2.2 as they are tested. The team will work towards a release strategy for 2.0 based on this approach.
> ACTION: Sara will update the Roadmap web pages and remove 2.1 and 2.x tags. We will just mark the items for a future release and plan to do more smaller releases as features are ready.

The general feeling was to avoid an 'all or nothing' approach with enforcer-ng which might lead to a very long release cycle. Also splitting the release up would allow us more flexibility to implement usability improvements (along side enforcer-ng functionality) if these were seen as high priority. 

> ACTION: Kirei/.se to investigate if they can contribute testing resources to SoftHSM v2 beta testing

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