[Opendnssec-develop] Re: Versioning scheme

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Mar 14 13:46:03 UTC 2013

WFM, one question though.

On Mar 14, 2013, at 3:29 AM, Roland van Rijswijk - Deij <Roland.vanRijswijk at surfnet.nl> wrote:

>> Proposed scheme
>> -----------------------------
>> Something along the lines of  e.g. http://semver.org/ which summarises to:
>> 	• <name> - The name of the software, e.g. opendnssec or softhsm.
>> 	• <major> - Backwards incompatible changes must increase the major version.
>> 	• <minor> - New, backwards compatible functionality, deprecated functionality, or substantial new functionality within private code.

I read this as:
deprecated functionality while maintaining backward compatibility. 

It is probably good to make that explicit.


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