[Opendnssec-develop] RE: Physical Dev meetings @ RIPE 66

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Wed Mar 13 11:52:21 UTC 2013

Hi All, 

We talked in the last team meeting about trying to combine the physical developer meeting with the upcoming RIPE 66 conference. I've created a Doodle:


to try to gauge everyone's availability during the week of RIPE to see if this is feasible (this assumes everyone is going to RIPE :-) ). The idea would be to try to squeeze 2, maybe 3 meetings in of around 2 hours each if we can find times when everyone is free. Another idea might be to use one slot to do a 'Meet the team' session for ODS users as I understand there may be quite a few new users attending. 

The RIPE meeting plan is here: 

I've blocked out Tuesday pm and the middle of Wednesday on the Doodle for the OAB meeting and DNS sessions respectively. 


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