[Opendnssec-develop] RE: Agile boards

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Fri Jun 14 16:16:49 UTC 2013

Hi All, 

Following on from the team meeting I have set up the following Agile boards in JIRA:

Development releases - to be used to track 1.3.X and 1.4.X releases via sprints (note: I have added enforcer/signer quick filters)
enforcer-ng                 - for all 2.0 related issues (currently hard-filtered to 2.0.0b1 & 2.0.0rc1)
Support                      - for the support project

Summary of things to remember with agile in JIRA:
- Epics don't appear in the planning or work boards. They only show up in the 'Epic' panel in the planning board
- Sub-tasks don't appear in the planning board. They do show up in the work board if the parent issue is in the sprint
(The agile theory is that Epics with sub-stories are for when the stories will happen in different sprints. Stories and their sub-tasks should always all happen in the same sprint).

- An issue can only be in one sprint at a time. To cope with the fact that we often implement in more than one release I suggest the following approach to start with in this case:
	- If the issue is going to sit on the backlog for a while then create it as we currently do i.e. a single issue with multiple fix versions. This means we won't have lots of clones sat on the backlog.
        - When we agree the issue should be moved into a sprint, or you start work on the issue then use the original issue for the version the problem was reported against/will be implemented in first (and correct the fix version to match this) and create clones for any other releases. Use the 'original' issue for any notes/discussions and the clones will simply track the porting of the code to other versions. Put all the issues in relevant sprints if they exist (or leave on the backlog otherwise).
        - When adding to the NEWS file why don't we just use the issue number of the 'original' issue in all the releases. (I'm not sure what is best but this seems least change from what we do now!). 

Lets see how this works for a while and let me know of any problems you find!


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