[Opendnssec-develop] RE: User survey on upcoming features

Sara Dickinson sara at sinodun.com
Tue Jun 11 10:21:49 UTC 2013

Hi All, 

Following all the discussions at RIPE on 'what users really want' after 2.0 I was planning to set up a user survey so users could vote on what features would be most useful to them. The point would be to help us understand the users' perspective better and prioritise _the order_ we do these developments in. 

I've put a list together, based on the current roadmap and specific user requests I'm aware of:

Enhancements to DS handling (e.g. hook for notification of DS generation, OPENDNSSEC-295, ds-seen --all option)
Improvements to existing API (e.g. more consistent, better output, OPENDNSSEC-404)
New, unified control API
Alternative text based front end to update configuration options (currently stored in XML)
Alternative graphical front end to update configuration options (currently stored in XML)
Improved Monitoring (e.g. email notifications of events, daily email summary, 'ods summary' command)

Key handling
Support multiple key rollover methods
Support policy rollover
Support algorithm rollover
Allow KSK and ZSK to be the same key
Offline KSK

Dynamic update adapter
Database adapter
Plugin adapter
Incremental transition from/to NSEC to/from NSEC3
Reduced Memory usage

Support for GOST/DSA
Support for Postgres DB backend 
Support for Views (OPENDNSSEC-232)

I plan to ask users to rate each feature as
- Blocking/problematic in our use of OpenDNSSEC
- Really want this feature right now please
- Would use if available
- Not important to us
and ask for anything not on the list that they really want. 

Did I miss anything? Comments?


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