[Opendnssec-develop] Re: svn.opendnssec.org down

Jerry Lundström jerry at opendnssec.org
Tue Oct 16 13:58:03 UTC 2012

On Oct 16, 2012, at 14:11 , Jerry Lundström wrote:

> The SVN is currently down, will try and get it back up asap!

It's now up again.

The problem we where having was trying to get IPv6 to work on the dom0. We have eth0/eth1 bonded on bond0 and then a bridge (br0) on top of that and adding IPv6 on the br0 does not work. A ping6 to the default gateway work but if we try and ping anything on the outside the traffic does not get to the interface (nothing showing in tcpdump) and all we get is "Network is down". IPv6 on the bond0 works but we need br0 for KVM.

If anyone have setup a bonding bridge and got IPv6 working, please let me know :)


Jerry Lundström - OpenDNSSEC Developer

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