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Jerry Lundström jerry at opendnssec.org
Wed Jun 27 08:42:01 UTC 2012


   1. *Testing*
   SIDN is not present; no news.
   Rick suggests asking the testers to take in the platforms used according
   to the survey, specifically to be able to support old and new Ubuntu LTS
   versions with the overlap that these distro's have.
   ACTION Rick: Ask the testers at SIDN to make a proposal.

SIDN hasn't really anything to do with testing now days, atleast not
Jenkins and the VM platforms, its all me.

According to the survey all but one (NetBSD) unique platforms are used, in
this I mean Debian/RedHat/SLES/FreeBSD/OpenBSD/Solaris (if I remember

What I mean about unique is that its not based on another dist.

I could see us change the list to:

Ubuntu (its based on debian but heavly modified)
OpenSUSE (it shares code with SLES but they are not really based on each
other, kernel and software versions differ a lot)
NetBSD (even if most BSD shares they do have their own libc impl and it can
be good to test on them for portability and standard)

That is 9 and we have a few as 32bit also so if we keep that
(Ubuntu/RedHat/SLES/FreeBSD) we have 2 left over VMs that we could use to
run next major dist version of the most used side by side.

What do people think?


On 26 jun 2012, at 17:13, Rick van Rein <rick at openfortress.nl> wrote:


I wrote the minutes of today's teleconference and put them here:


As always, remarks and changes are welcome.

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