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John Dickinson jad at sinodun.com
Mon Jan 23 11:38:44 UTC 2012

The change to a new version of ldns has broken the CI build.

You can see the nice pattern here


I will fix it up later today but should checking the status of the build and keeping the CI system up to date not be part of the Release Engineering process?

If you still don't have an account on jenkins please let me know via jabber (jad at sinodun.com).

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> From: Rickard Bellgrim <rickard at opendnssec.org>
> Subject: [Opendnssec-announce] OpenDNSSEC 1.3.5
> Date: January 23, 2012 10:12:33 AM GMT
> To: opendnssec-announce at lists.opendnssec.org
> Version 1.3.5 of OpenDNSSEC has now been released.
> * Auditor: Include the zone name in the log messages.
> * ldns 1.6.12 is required for bugfixes.
> * ods-ksmutil: Suppress database connection information when no -v
> flag is given.
> * ods-enforcerd: Stop multiple instances of the enforcer running by
> checking for the pidfile at startup. If you want to run multiple
> instances then a different pidfile will need to be specified with the
> -P flag.
> * ods-ksmutil: “zone delete” renames the signconf file; so that if the
> zone is put back the signer will not pick up the old file.
> * Signer Engine: Verbosity can now be set via conf.xml, default is 3.
> Bugfixes:
> * Bugfix OPENDNSSEC-174: Configure the location for conf.xml with
> –config or -c when starting the signer.
> * Bugfix OPENDNSSEC-192: Signer crashed on deleting NSEC3 for a domain
> that becomes opt-out.
> * Bugfix OPENDNSSEC-193: Auditor crashed with certain empty non-terminals.
> * Signer Engine: A file descriptor for sockets with value zero is allowed.
> * Signer Engine: Only log messages about a full signing queue in debug mode.
> * Signer Engine: Fix time issues, make sure that the internal serial
> does not wander off after a failed audit.
> * Signer Engine: Upgrade ldns to avoid future problems on 32-bit
> platforms with extra long signature expiration dates. More information
> in separate announcement.
> Download the tarball from:
> http://www.opendnssec.org/files/source/opendnssec-1.3.5.tar.gz
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