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Wed Sep 14 07:18:02 UTC 2011

#245: Signer daemon keeps running after signing large zone
Reporter:  Nick van den Heuvel  |        Owner:  jerry   
    Type:  defect               |       Status:  assigned
Priority:  major                |    Component:  Unknown 
 Version:  1.3.0                |   Resolution:          
Keywords:  1.3.0rc2             |  

Comment (by jerry):

 Hi Nick,

 Are you still having these problems?

 If so, what versions of OpenDNSSEC and SoftHSM are you running now?


 Replying to [ticket:245 Nick van den Heuvel]:
 > Last week I had the problem (with ODS 1.3.0rc2), that after the signing
 of a large zone (> 4M domeinnames) de signer daemon keeps running. The
 memory usage remains the same as during the signing. Closing the signer
 daemon down by using "ods-control stop" was not succesful: The message
 "Stopping Enforcer"stayed on the screen in the terminal.
 > Yesterday I tried to reproduce it with succes. Voor the signing I did
 use the .nl zone from March 2011, in which 50 % DS has been added. I have
 signed the zone on my werkstation (Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit, 8 Gb ram, Intel
 core 2 duo @ 3,33 GHZ, ODS 1.3.0rc2). The memory usage was 100 % (8Gb +
 6,6 Swap memory (which is slow, but soit).
 > In the attacment, you see the syslog. The behaveour of ODS seem not
 right. I would expect that after ODS signs the zone, de signer daemon is
 stopped by the enforcer and the memory usage will lower to the usage
 before signing.

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