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Patrik Wallström patrik.wallstrom at iis.se
Thu Sep 8 13:12:47 UTC 2011

On Sep 8, 2011, at 2:32 PM, Siôn Lloyd wrote:

> There was a question about git support yesterday...
> As if by magic the new version of fisheye, released yesterday, has git 
> support.
> http://freshmeat.net/projects/fisheye

Good news.

There are a number of features that I like about Git (besides being the distributed vcs it is), and that is the protected git history (by sha-1 hashes) so that you cannot manipulate commits by for example a repository breach. And you can also sign tags with PGP.


Something that might matter also is that it is completely distributed, which means that the master repo is the place we call the master repo - not because there has to be one. All cloned git repos can be master repos.

About code review, there is also a nice project called Gerrit:
If we're going to put code review in place, I think we should think a little bit about the processes involved. Gerrit has a nice picture about how they see their default workflow:

For SVN you also have Rietveld:

Fisheye looks more to me like a source browser system than something used for code review. Please look at the Rietveld system that Chromium use (and look at something with lots of comments):

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