[Opendnssec-develop] [OpenDNSSEC] #248: Incorrect check for availability of LoadLibrary function

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Tue Jul 5 13:12:07 UTC 2011

#248: Incorrect check for availability of LoadLibrary function
Reporter:  jaroslav.imrich@…          |       Owner:  rb                                
    Type:  defect                     |      Status:  new                               
Priority:  major                      |   Component:  SoftHSM                           
 Version:  trunk                      |    Keywords:  windows mingw autoconf loadlibrary
 I am trying to build softHSM (svn rev. 5288) on Windows XP with MinGW and
 I am facing a little problem with autoconfiguration and acx_dlopen.m4

 When I run..

 ./configure --with-botan=c:/botan --with-sqlite3=c:/sqlite3

 ..it always ends with message:

 checking for dlopen... no
 checking for dlopen in -ldl... no
 checking for LoadLibrary... no
 configure: error: No dynamic library loading support

 I am pretty sure that LoadLibrary is available on this system because I
 use it in other projects.

 I am no m4 expert so I've used only simple workaround to pass this test
 (attached as a patch). If you can come up with better solution I will
 gladly test it.

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