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Sun Jan 16 08:07:28 UTC 2011

#206: Run away zone serial ?
Reporter:  hostmaster@…       |       Owner:  rb     
    Type:  defect             |      Status:  new    
Priority:  major              |   Component:  Unknown
 Version:  trunk              |    Keywords:         

Comment(by hostmaster@…):


 Problem was caused by an invalid entry in 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa.state:

 ;name: 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa
 ;class: 1
 ;fetch: 0
 ;default_ttl: 3600
 ;inbound_serial: 2011011500
 ;internal_serial: 2930244825
 ;outbound_serial: 2011011500

 I have no clue, from where that serial 2930244825 have come, but following
 procedures bring that zone back into game:

  1. stop opendnssec
  1. manually change serial to outbound_serial+1
  1. start opendnssec

 After that, zone can be signed and everything works again.

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