[Opendnssec-develop] Redesign of Jenkins - feedback needed!

Jerry Lundström jerry at opendnssec.org
Fri Dec 16 13:21:02 UTC 2011


I am about to redesigning the setup of Jenkins we have because I feel that in the long run it won't work the way its setup right now.

My reasons behind this are:
- Too large version matrix makes it complex and hard to maintain
- One setup of scripts, tests and jobs
Scripts and tests needs to understand what versions are running if there are different build options / configurations etc
Tests result will be miss guided if they don't apply for the version and just return success

- Model as branches/trunk we have today
All files inside branches/trunk but not included in release
Jenkins tab per branch
- Simplify Jenkins jobs for now
One build job per branch
One test job per branch
- Manually build external dependencies for now
Document in wiki what distributions and dependency versions are used/tested
Ignore cases where we have two versions of dependencies for now, just use one
- Simplify test
Scriptish based tests as SIDN has today, they shouldn't need to know versions, paths etc

Today SIDN have made 220 tests that are based on keywords in an excel file that is parse by a perl program and executed. It should be easy to support that exact layout and to export and import all 220 tests.

I will bring this up at the meeting today also.


Jerry Lundström
OpenDNSSEC Developer

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