[Opendnssec-develop] Indexes on tables

Patrik Wallström patrik.wallstrom at iis.se
Fri Oct 1 14:51:42 UTC 2010

On Oct 1, 2010, at 4:35 PM, Sion Lloyd wrote:
> Hi there.
> It looks like the slow steps in a lot of the enforcer bulk transactions were 
> not in the database. E.g. adding zones speeds up when you don't write to the 
> zonelist xml file each time.
> I have a story to add indexes where needed... can anyone give me an example of 
> an operation that gets slow when the kasp database grows large? Otherwise I 
> don't really know where to start with this one.

Actually, what I feel is slow now is adding zones without the --no-xml flag when running a large number of domains. What might be slow is lots of keys, but I have only been running lots of zones with SharedKeys. But I will try to look for slow queries. Maybe do the same operation without SharedKeys.

Anyway, you could just try to create lots of zones and turn on MySQL query logging, and find out what types of queries that are made during the lifetime of operations - and then do some benchmarking on those queries on a populated database.

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