[Opendnssec-develop] [OpenDNSSEC] #202: ods-control stop hangs while stopping enforcer

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Tue Nov 30 09:41:17 UTC 2010

#202: ods-control stop hangs while stopping enforcer
Reporter:  Gilles Massen <gilles.massen@…>           |       Owner:  sion    
    Type:  defect                                    |      Status:  new     
Priority:  major                                     |   Component:  Enforcer
 Version:                                            |    Keywords:          
 "ods-control stop" always hangs with "Stopping enforcer".

 While looking at ods-control, it appears that the kill -TERM `cat
 ...enforcerd.pid` stopps the process, but enforcerd fails to remove
 enforcerd.pid. As result ods-control hangs in a while loop.

 This is on a OpenSuse 11.3. Privileges of signer and enforcer are non-root
 (but the user has all permissions on pid and containing directory).

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