[Opendnssec-develop] [OpenDNSSEC] #200: Log when a KSK has been rolled over

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Thu Nov 25 03:10:31 UTC 2010

#200: Log when a KSK has been rolled over
Reporter:  Sebastian Castro <sebastian@…>            |       Owner:  sion    
    Type:  enhancement                               |      Status:  new     
Priority:  trivial                                   |   Component:  Enforcer
 Version:  trunk                                     |    Keywords:          
 This a feature/bug-fixing request. Currently OpenDNSSEC records in the log
 when a ZSK is rolled over "ZSK has been rolled over for <ZONE>".

 Although the current code for the message is generic for ZSK/KSK, actually
 it doesn't get executed during a KSK rollover because the condition in
 enforcer/ksm/ksm_request.c:454, so the message needs to go somewhere else.
 I think putting the message when the transition from KEYPUBLISH/READY to
 ACTIVE happens could be an option.

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