[Opendnssec-develop] dependency on sqlite 3.4.2 ?

Sion Lloyd sion at nominet.org.uk
Mon Nov 8 14:43:40 UTC 2010

> Our dependency list says that sqlite 3.3.9 or greater is required, but
> the configure wants to have 3.4.2. Bump it in the documentation or lower
> it in the m4 file?

3.3.9 has the last API change that we need (as far as I can tell) but there 
are bug fixes in later versions that look important. 

Release 3.4.2 doesn't seem to have any fixes of particular interest for us... I 
can't think why it is the version specified. (Except maybe it is the the oldest 
version on any of our supported platforms?)

SO... 3.3.9 is the oldest version that libksm will build against, but it is 
not a version that I would recommend using. I'm not sure what all that means 
for your question. Maybe we drop the version in the m4 but recommend using a 
newer version?


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