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#132: Cooperation enquery from Feitian, PKI products and security  pioneer
Reporter:  Allen Yan <guoqing@…>           |       Owner:  rb                       
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 == Cooperation enquery from Feitian ==

 Dear all,

 I'm Allen, the technical consultant from Feitian, China. You can access
 our company's website :"www.ftsafe.com" to get detailed information. The
 below is the brief introduction about Feitian.

 Feitian is from China. It's the leading innovator of smartcard and chip
 operating system based security technologies and applications.

 Feitian's USB interfaced Software Protection Dongle, Strong Authentication
 USB Key, and Smartcard Reader are CE and FCC certified and RoHS compliant.
 Today, Feitian High performance and Low cost devices and solutions are
 widely accepted from personal application to enterprise system globally.

 Feitian is also an global company. Now, Feitian has established branch
 offices in Japan, Canada and Malaysia.We have our market and customers in
 Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Americas, the Middle East and so on.

 We know, OpenDNSSEC is a great project. We're interesting in it. From your
 latest version, I know some usb key vendor's products have been added to
 your project, such as SafeNet's eToken. I send this Ticket to enquery the
 possibility of cooperation between OpenDNSSec and Feitian.

 We're looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

 You can also contact me by the below ways.

 Tel:    +(86)010-62304466-861
 Fax:    +(86)010-62304416
 Email:  guoqing at ftsafe.com

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