[Opendnssec-develop] NSEC next_domain in canonical form

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Mar 25 21:24:22 UTC 2010

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I tried a zone on my machine, with mixed uppercase/lowercase domain
names. The signer creates nicely NSEC records, with lower case domain
names on the right side.

Could it be that a local setting on your machine ignores the effect of
lowercasing (tolower) ?

Best regards,


Alexd at nominet.org.uk wrote:
> Hi -
> I've been looking at the problems reported by Dave Knight to OpenDNSSEC,
> where a zone with :
> B.in-addr-servers.arpa.          3600            IN              NSEC  
>          C.in-addr-servers.arpa. A AAAA RRSIG NSEC
> will not verify correctly in the auditor (it does with bind and ldns).
> The problem is with the capital "C" in the NSEC record. RFC 4034 states :
> The Next Domain field contains the next owner name (in the canonical
>   ordering of the zone) that has authoritative data or contains a
>   delegation point NS RRset
> The canonical ordering section then states :
> For the purposes of DNS security, owner names are ordered by treating
>   individual labels as unsigned left-justified octet strings.  The
>   absence of a octet sorts before a zero value octet, and uppercase
>   US-ASCII letters are treated as if they were lowercase US-ASCII
>   letters.
> In dnsruby, I had taken this to mean that the NSEC record should contain
> the canonical form of the next domain in the canonically sorted zone.
> So, when dnsruby calculates the signature of an RRSet, it uses the
> canonical form of the NSEC record. In this case, that means changing
> "C.in-add-servers.arpa" to "c.in-addr-servers.arpa", just like it
> changes the "B.in-addr-servers.arpa" to "b.in-addr-servers.arpa". This
> gives it a different message digest to ldns (which downcases the "B",
> but keeps the "C" upcase).
> So, I was wondering if it was just me who took a different
> interpretation away from the spec, or whether this should be clarified
> somewhere. I was also hoping that somebody could give me a definitive
> answer on what the right thing to do with an NSEC next_domain is. It
> does seem odd to me that this is not canonicalised - after all, it
> already obeys the "no compression" rule for canonical names...
> [Side question - if I'm wrong, then what happens if the domain name in
> the next_domain field is spelled in several different mixed-case ways in
> the zone? Which one makes the NSEC record?]
> Thanks,
> Alex.
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