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#26: Signer (or communicated) gets very slow with many zones
Reporter:  pawal   |       Owner:  rb     
    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new    
Priority:  major   |   Component:  Unknown
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Comment(by peter@…):

 What kind of queries are hitting SQLite here? Let's talk tomorrow.

 [wiki:Meetings/Minutes/2010-01-28] mentions looping over many thousand
 zones in order to detect changes. I would strongly recommend using
 operating system notification instead; anything based on stat() just will
 not scale.

 Linux has had Inotify for a long time and it works very well, the more
 recent fnotify arguably has a friendlier API but may be less widespread.
 Systems other than Linux must also offer a similar notification service. I
 don't think polling the answer.

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