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Tue Jan 5 21:36:23 CET 2010

#69: OpenDNSSEC + DLV (isc.org)
Reporter:  archi.laurent@…          |       Owner:  rb                        
    Type:  defect                   |      Status:  new                       
Priority:  trivial                  |   Component:  Unknown                   
 Version:  trunk                    |    Keywords:  OpenDNSSEC + DLV (isc.org)

Comment(by rb):

 Thank you for the copy of your zone.

 I do not want to be rude, but do you know how DNS works?

 Your domain name is archi.amt, but there is no TLD named amt. You could
 have this locally, but not available globally. ISC's DLV cannot find your
 zone since it is local. So you cannot use ISC's DLV for your zone.

 Do you want to be able to verify your zone locally? Then just configure
 your DNSKEY in your local resolver.

 Secondly, there are DNSKEYs and RRSIGs in the zone file, but it is not the
 file that is output from OpenDNSSEC. I know this by the fact that the zone
 file is not flattened. What have you done?

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