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#69: OpenDNSSEC + DLV (isc.org)
Reporter:  archi.laurent@…          |       Owner:  rb                        
    Type:  defect                   |      Status:  new                       
Priority:  trivial                  |   Component:  Unknown                   
 Version:  trunk                    |    Keywords:  OpenDNSSEC + DLV (isc.org)
 Hello all and good year... 2010 and the "stable" Opendnssec(?)
 I has will many tests Opendnssec and DLV (by "dlv.isc.org"),but I think
 opendnssec is 100% NSEC 3 and not "dlv.isc.org". Are you testing this DLV,
 please (?).

 My error reporting :
 This zone currently has no DNSKEY records, and is not published in the ISC
 DLV Registry
 Best regards

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