[Opendnssec-develop] KSK rollover

sion at nominet.org.uk sion at nominet.org.uk
Thu Feb 25 10:37:43 UTC 2010

I'm trying to implement the DoubleDNSKEY scheme without changing the
database. Here is a summary of how the scheme works

IpubC == publication interval in child
IpubP == publication interval in parent


1. pre-publish key (IpubC + IpubP) before retirement (double safety
 new key in zone, used to sign
2. after IpubC prompt for DS to be submitted
3. wait for ds-seen to be issued
4. IpubP after (3) the rollover can occur (either manual or automatic)
 old key in zone, not used
5. retired key can move to dead
 old key removed

I think that 4 and 5 occur at the same time... anyway; the issue is that we
have to wait after publication before we can submit the DS record, but we
also have to wait after the DS is seen before we can safely roll the key.

Currently, the key would go from published to ready at step 2, which means
we have no state to describe "waiting for DS seen". Ideally I would add new
columns "DS-PUBLISHED" and "DS-READY" or similar... Of course this breaks
backwards compatibility.

One alternative is to move the key into a new state of DS_PUBLISHED when
the DS is seen and reuse the PUBLISHED timestamp, then DS_READY using the
READY timestamp... The problem with this is that we lose information.

The question is, do people prefer the slightly kludgy option or the schema
changing option? (Note that we already need to update the database with the
RolloverScheme policy parameter, the difference there is that if that
update is not run we can still operate, just with the default scheme.)


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