[Opendnssec-develop] Strange characters in DNSKEY string in logging

Rickard Bellgrim rickard.bellgrim at iis.se
Wed Dec 22 18:38:28 UTC 2010

On 22 dec 2010, at 13.07, Rick Zijlker wrote:

> Hi,
> At rollover, ODS shows the new DNSKEY RR in the logging screen as follows:
> Dec 22 12:21:06 DEVELOPER15 ods-enforcerd: ods.#0113600#011IN#011DNSKEY#011257 3 7 AwEAAeTLVVpoTvptMD5vPCepKeuQHKGtF4yd2eUP+6RIkS4a76Ii+p0xT3Gc6dEemc3y5x5kRAwdS4Dth1dsLrhpRAb7rmS8FuNPLw7iM42HOPzGSibP6uLuEH6EkHohfC+t/bGOngzT7RrYPKX27WKa0l5q65QU4MznIVH2tA3eVLkebg+q2hrxG6c66rADPdQPRqY5txm64hb6KszlnonMoDX3Cu9JK6LwWQObUCkBe4h4WvlZ9be1ip7Lsz4zIyBWpYQ7wEi/X3IEfdsriIdLh19C2FKdLVg87PufS8uVKWW+oDfy9OoPWCtVJy81U1ZI+cXmako0OT9qLahV9M5M6xc= ;{id = 8149 (ksk), size = 2048b}
> As you can see spaces have been replaced by “#0”. I don’t think that is intended.

The tabs in the DNSKEY RR are converted into that format by syslog. Maybe the Enforcer should convert it into spaces?

// Rickard

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