[Opendnssec-develop] Re: DelegationSignerSubmitCommand (was zonefetcher)

Stephen.Morris at nominet.org.uk Stephen.Morris at nominet.org.uk
Fri Apr 9 09:02:30 UTC 2010

sion at nominet.org.uk wrote on 09/04/2010 08:14:21:

> > Also, I saw no traces of calls to DelegationSignerSubmitCommand
> > during this process. Shouldn't new keys be submitted immediately?
> When a new zone is added the system will wait for the zone to propagate
> before submitting DS records to the parent. I _think_ that this is 
> behaviour, if I am wrong then please let me know.
> Sion

That's the right behaviour when a key is added to the zone for the first 
time: without such a delay the most pessimistic scenario is that a DS 
record submitted to the parent at the same time gets published 
immediately.  In this case we could end up with a validating resolver 
retrieving the DS record from the parent but accessing a copy of the zone 
from a nameserver that has not yet received the update adding the key. 
Under these circumstances the resolver would report a bogus zone.

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