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#40: with Sqlite (available for Mysql too)
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Comment(by sion):

 Hi there,

 So the first thing I see is that the database looks like it might be for
 the softHSM (I'm only guessing this from the name). conf.xml should
 contain a link to a database (in the Enforcer/Datastore tag) which is
 different to the one in your SOFTHSM_CONF environment variable.

 If you still get the same error then it will likely be due to changes made
 to the database between the time when you made it and the beta release. To
 cope with these changes then run the migration scripts in
 "enforcer/utils". Assuming that your database was built with the last
 alpha release then you will need to run:

     sqlite3 <PATH_TO_ENFORCER.DB> <
     sqlite3 <PATH_TO_ENFORCER.DB> <
     sqlite3 <PATH_TO_ENFORCER.DB> <

 Let me know if this works,


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