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#57: Auditor + ZoneReader (NameError)
Reporter:  archi.laurent@…          |       Owner:  alex                            
    Type:  defect                   |      Status:  accepted                        
Priority:  trivial                  |   Component:  Auditor                         
 Version:                           |    Keywords:  Auditor + ZoneReader (NameError)

Comment(by archi.laurent@…):

 Hi and thank for your answer, you can see my factice unsigned zone here
 Best regards and good week-end

 $TTL 2H[[BR]]
 @       IN      SOA     portable.archi.amt.  dnsmaster.archi.amt. ([[BR]]
                         2009111901 ; serial[[BR]]
                         2H         ; refresh[[BR]]
                         1H         ; retry[[BR]]
                         2H         ; expiry[[BR]]
                         1H )       ; minimum[[BR]]
 @       IN NS   portable.archi.amt.[[BR]]
 @       IN NS   serveur.archi.amt.[[BR]]
 serveur         IN A[[BR]]
 archi.amt.      IN MX 10 serveur.archi.amt.[[BR]]
 www             IN CNAME        serveur.archi.amt.[[BR]]
 wpad            IN CNAME        serveur.archi.amt.[[BR]]
 ftp             IN A[[BR]]
 portable        IN A[[BR]]
 --END --

 And it's good with this command :

 opendnssec-1.0.0b7/auditor# ods-auditor --zone --signed archi.amt[[BR]]
 Auditor started[[BR]]
 Auditor found no errors[[BR]]

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