[Opendnssec-develop] Newsletter #5

Rickard Bondesson rickard.bondesson at iis.se
Tue Mar 31 07:52:55 UTC 2009

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* The project

We have decided that we will focus more on phase 1 and making sure that it will be a product that can be used. Phase 1 will be delivered in iterations, where functionalities are added/upgraded in different releases. The wiki page will be updated with this information as soon as possible.  All components should be ready for system integration by the next meeting. The aim is to present OpenDNSSEC at the next RIPE meeting in May, and a full release at IETF75 in Stockholm.

The requirements for OpenDNSSEC will be updated to be able to perform the system tests. Please send any requirements concerning this project to Stephen.

* Meetings

We had a meeting at IETF74, San Francisco. See meeting minutes at our wiki page, please ready the action points that are assigned to you.

Next meeting will be a telephone conference, 15 April 10:30 CEST.

* KSM and KASP Enforcer

John Dickinson is writing the enforcer. Currently there are some problems, but Sion was confident these could be overcome. He thought that the component would be finished in a week or two.

* Signer Engine

Matthijs reported that the signer engine is missing is error handling (Jelte is working on that) and documentation. Estimated 2 - 3 weeks to finish.

* SoftHSM

Rickard need to tidy up the source code. Rickard estimated mid-April for completion.

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