[Opendnssec-develop] *blush* The experts agree. CKA_ID it is.

Jakob Schlyter jakob at kirei.se
Thu Mar 19 21:26:17 UTC 2009

On 19 mar 2009, at 16.40, Roy Arends wrote:

> Fine by me. Just to be completely clear, we store the hex  
> representation (32 bytes), not the 16 byte value represented by that  
> hex presentation.

as I understand the implementations, the hex representation shown in  
tools like pkcs11-tool (from OpenSC) is the hex representation of the  
byte values.

so, 2EFAD382-4F44-475E-97CE-1CE3EB9283FE would be stored as a 16-byte  
{ 2E FA D3 82 4F 44 47 5E 97 CE 1C E3 EB 92 83 FE }

Roland? Rick? does this make sense?


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