[Opendnssec-develop] compact HSM needed...

Jakob Schlyter jakob at kirei.se
Wed Mar 11 12:38:14 UTC 2009

On 11 mar 2009, at 13.14, John Dickinson wrote:

> I used one from here once
> http://store.gemalto.com/
> I have some cryptoflex e-gate 32k cards that I never used and a now  
> appear to be called TPC cards. I also have a USB key token v1 that I  
> can not find on the site anymore.

the reader part I can find now, but I cannot find any SIM-sized  
cryptoflex-card nomore.

rick? roland? - any hints? OpenSC supports these cards:

onjiea> /Library/OpenSC/bin/opensc-tool -D
Configured card drivers:
   rutoken          Rutoken driver
   cardos           Siemens CardOS
   cardos           Siemens CardOS
   flex             Schlumberger Multiflex/Cryptoflex
   cyberflex        Schlumberger Cyberflex
   gpk              Gemplus GPK
   gemsafeV1        driver for the Gemplus GemSAFE V1 applet
   miocos           MioCOS 1.1
   mcrd             MICARDO 2.1
   asepcos          Athena ASEPCOS
   setcos           Setec cards
   starcos          STARCOS SPK 2.3/2.4
   tcos             TCOS 3.0
   openpgp          OpenPGP card
   jcop             JCOP cards with BlueZ PKCS#15 applet
   oberthur         Oberthur AuthentIC.v2/CosmopolIC.v4
   belpic           Belpic cards
   atrust-acos      A-Trust ACOS cards
   muscle           Muscle Card Driver
   emv              EMV compatible cards
   incrypto34       Incard Incripto34
   piv              PIV-II  for multiple cards
   acos5            ACS ACOS5 card
   akis             TUBITAK UEKAE AKIS
   entersafe        entersafe
   default          Default driver for unknown cards

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