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> Rickard,
> > Stephen, is that similar to what you had in mind?
> > 
> > http://www.opendnssec.se/wiki/Signer/Phase1/HowItWorks
> This diagram brings a lot of clarity.  I cautiously checked it to 
> to my ideas (which is what I think these diagrams are there for) and I 
> a full match.  Well done!
> -Rick
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It is very close to what I had in mind and I fully agree with Rick in that 
it brings a lot of clarity.

I would, however, suggest some minor changes:

* Change "KSM CLI" to KSM, remove "libksm", and have both "KSM" and "KASP 
Enforcer" communicate directly with the database.  The reasoning here is 
that KSM and the enforcer will exist as separate processes in the running 
system.  The fact that they use libksm is just a detail of their 

* Change "Signer Engine CLI" to something like "SECP" (Signer Engine 
Control Program - sorry, it's the best I could come up with at short 

I suggest removing "CLI" from "KSM CLI" and "Signer Engine CLI" again 
because the CLI is just an implementation detail.

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