[Opendnssec-develop] hsm-toolkit

Roy Arends roy at nominet.org.uk
Tue Feb 3 12:18:34 UTC 2009

"Rickard Bondesson" <rickard.bondesson at iis.se> wrote on 02/03/2009 
02:31:52 AM:

> > (Question: should I change the default to match softHSM's 
> > default slot 1?)
> Or you could use the list given by C_GetSlotList?

Good point, will add.

> I use slot 1 because all the other identifiers (session and object) 
> starts at 1. It is ok to use slot 0 by a HSM, but it is not mandatory.
> - - "A priori, any value of CK_SLOT_ID can be a valid slot 
> identifier?in particular, a system may have a slot identified by the
> value 0. It need not have such a slot, however."

Thanks Rickard. I'm not implying that the slot ID in softHSM should 
change. It is fine the way it is :-)


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