[Opendnssec-develop] note on pcks11 library linking

Roy Arends roy at nominet.org.uk
Sun Feb 1 09:06:57 UTC 2009

opendnssec-develop-bounces at lists.opendnssec.org wrote on 02/01/2009 
09:16:54 AM:

> We should make a note somewhere that for production purposes, OpenDNSSEC 

> should statically link the SoftHSM libraries,

That should be singular, ofcourse: the SoftHSM library :-)

> to avoid snooping by rogue pkcs11 library proxies.

Note that a pkcs11 proxy, like the one from OpenSC is handy for debugging 
(though just not secure in production). Thanks JAD for pointing that out.


Roy Arends
Sr. Researcher
Nominet UK

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