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Tue Aug 25 07:53:12 UTC 2009

#17: pthread and libhsm
Reporter:  jonathan.stanton at cit.coop  |       Owner:  jelte 
    Type:  defect                     |      Status:  new   
Priority:  major                      |   Component:  libhsm
 Version:                             |    Keywords:        
 When compiling the libhsm from trunk on FC11 I am getting the following
 undefined reference to `pthread_create'
 undefined reference to `pthread_join'
 I believe this is because you the complier flag for pthreads is missing.
 I added it to the Makefile in OpenDNSSEC/libhsm/src and it compiled fine.
 CFLAGS = -g -O2 -pedantic -Wall -Wextra -lpthread

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