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#15: OpenDNSSEC relase names should be package management friendly
Reporter:  noa at resare.com  |       Owner:  jakob  
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 I just noted on twitter and elsewhere that OpenDNSSEC 1.0a2 has been
 released. Assuming that there will be an 1.0 release in the future this is
 exactly the kind of release naming that software distribution efforts such
 as Linux distributions frown upon.

 Release names can tell you a lot of things, but one of the more important
 things are which package is older and which one is newer.

 If at all possible, I think that it should be considered to move to a
 release naming scheme that uses dot separated integer parts that increase
 from release to release.

 That way it is not only easy for humans to determine which version is
 newer and which one is older, but it also works neatly with systems doing
 automatic package management such as rpm/yum or apt-get.

 If you want do indicate that a release is alpha/beta/release candidate,
 that could be done by appending such labels after the numeric part (see
 for example the Tor project). That way 0.99.4.beta is obviously a beta,
 but can be sorted with 0.99.6.rc in a straight forward way.

 I understand that moving to a release naming scheme with numeric part <
 1.0 now that 1.0a2 has been released could be somewhat counter intuitive.
 Because of this a switch in naming perhaps should be done after the 1.0
 release, but please consider this change.

 Also, to indicate releases that lead up to a specific release, you can use
 the .90 notation used by some projects. That way the releases leading up
 to 1.4 can be named and so on, a method that
 has nice sorting properties.

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