[Opendnssec-develop] Presentation at RIPE

Patrik Wallstrom patrik.wallstrom at iis.se
Wed Apr 22 09:53:13 UTC 2009

I am beginning to think of the exact content of the presentation. So I  
would just like to check the status of the components among you.  
SoftHSM is ready for general consumption I guess, the documentation is  
ok and the general code is somewhat stable.

I have had some problems to install the rest of the components myself,  
there is no real documentation on them, and there is no documentation  
on how to configure them to work either. So, can you have something  
like that early next week? I guess we're not ready to release the code  
during RIPE, but I think we should try to get there anyway. As the  
presentation is on Thursday I have some more time to work on the  
presentation, and you also have some extra time to polish up  
documentation and code.

So the presentation ideally would be something like this:

The is currently a lack of tools for signing domains with DNSSEC
(examples of tools)

We would like to present the OpenDNSSEC project
(all participants listed)

These are the requirements

This is our architecture

PKCS#11 and HSMs

KASP and Policy stuff

KASP enforcer with Metastore

Signer Engine

Inbound and Outbound adapters



Get the code

Test test test

What would we like to engage the audience in?

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