Reminder : [Opendnssec-develop] hsm-toolkit update, and some open questions

Roy Arends roy at
Wed Apr 1 20:21:24 UTC 2009

"Rickard Bondesson" <rickard.bondesson at> wrote on 04/01/2009 
09:54:09 PM:

> I have a fix that looks for the solaris versions which handled max 
> 256 chars. Look in the repository for the config program for 
> SoftHSM, but it uses autoconf.

I understand that the following will do, right?

add AC_CHECK_FUNCS(getpassphrase) to and

  // getpassphrase()
  // getpass()

where appropriate in the code, right?

Thanks for the pointer!


Roy Arends
Sr. Researcher
Nominet UK
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