[Opendnssec-develop] interaction between the Signer and KASP

Jelte Jansen jelte at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Dec 18 15:24:09 UTC 2008

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John Dickinson wrote:
>> and this is why we need to write this stuff down before we start to
>> actually do anything.
> Yes :)

To be fair, something has in fact been written down, at


and the pages linked from there, but we have some open questions left
before we can even have a first draft of our design doc

>> this is told by the kasp?
> I thought it was part of the policy. But now that I look that isn't
> written down anywhere other than in passing in the DB schema I sent
> round the other week.

it seemed to me that they both need, in their 'own' databases (could be
a shared one!) what zones there are...

otherwise even what little documentation we have is contradicting itself.

> Yes - I am happy to have the call in the new year if that if easier for
> everyone. I wasn't planning to do much more this year except send santa
> a list of gadgets that I need :)
> Over the holiday, I will write up a short document describing what I
> think the different parts are, what they do and how they link together.
> I will send that round and maybe we can use it as the basis for some
> discussion in the new year.

I'll be back up and running on the fifth, i'd say give me one or two
days to get going and hold a conference call on wednesday or thursday?

(btw i think roy wanted to plan a face2face meeting somewhere later in
january, which i already thought was a good idea, and now i think it is
an absolute necessity)

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