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Does the quotation below imply that you HAVE to assign the other values, given by the user, to the generated key?

"Other attributes supported by the RSA public and private key types (specifically, the flags indicating which functions the keys support) may also be specified in the templates for the keys, or else are assigned default initial values." 

With for example CKM_RSA_PKCS_KEY_PAIR_GEN:
Is it ok to just take the CKA_MODULUS_BITS and CKA_PUBLIC_EXPONENT (default 65537) from the template and ignore the the other values? Then for example assign CKA_SIGN = TRUE in our case, since that is what the purpose is with the generated keys in the SoftHSM.

// Rickard 

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> The nuisance of this is that OpenDNSSEC, to be practical, would have 
> to be configurable for the CKA_xxx flags it relies on, just to make up 
> for any half-done middlewares.  I'd love to believe that HSM 
> manufacturers are doing better, but honestly I doubt it.

In my experience, HSM manufacturers generally do a better job of implementing PKCS #11 libraries than smart card manufacturers. Keep in mind that HSMs are an order of magnitude more expensive and complex than smart cards so they _need_ to support more CKA_xyz attributes.
Manufacturers of HSMs generally put more effort into their P #11 libraries. The only problem is that it is common practice for HSM manufacturers to 'extend' the PKCS #11 API with vendor specific functionality. In my opinion, if possible this kind of vendor specific functionality should not be relied on.

On another note: even the worst smart card manufacturers implement the common CKA_xyz attributes. Though I agree with Rick that there are many bad implementations, this should not deter you from correctly using PKCS
#11 attributes. Maybe it is a good idea to give an insight into which flags and attributes you want to use. I - and I believe Rick as well - should be able to tell you what the correct usage of these attributes is and whether or not they are commonly used...



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