[Opendnssec-commits] [keihatsu.kirei.se/svn/dnssec] r4121 - trunk/OpenDNSSEC

Rickard Bellgrim rickard.bellgrim at iis.se
Mon Oct 18 11:18:03 CEST 2010

Author: rb
Date: 2010-10-18 11:18:03 +0200 (Mon, 18 Oct 2010)
New Revision: 4121

Add the issue

Modified: trunk/OpenDNSSEC/KNOWN_ISSUES
--- trunk/OpenDNSSEC/KNOWN_ISSUES	2010-10-15 13:28:08 UTC (rev 4120)
+++ trunk/OpenDNSSEC/KNOWN_ISSUES	2010-10-18 09:18:03 UTC (rev 4121)
@@ -32,26 +32,18 @@
-Possible Issue between enforcer and signer
-We have seen, but only on centOS, an issue where when the enforcer signals the
-signer that a signer configuration file has changed the return value indicates
-an error. This happens even when the signer is running and has correctly
-processed the message.
-The result is that the enforcer does not message the signer about any more
-changes in that run. So, if any other zones change, they will not be seen
-until the next time the signer runs.
-If you are affected by this issue then you will see messages like this in your
-log: ods-enforcerd: Could not call signer engine ods-enforcerd: Will continue:
-call 'ods-signer update' to manually update zones
 Issue with rolling from one algorithm to another
 The current version will handle key rollovers that also change algorithm just the
 same as any other key rollover. This is not sufficient; and so rolling between
 algorithms is broken and should not be done with the current system.
+Issue with ManualRollover flag in kasp.xml
+The ManualRollover flag can be used when you want to disable automatic rollovers 
+of e.g. ZSK:s. Thus allowing you to use your own scripts when you want to roll 
+at a predefined date and time. The issue is that the Enforcer is not rolling the 
+key for you when you give the command and the flag is in use.

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