[Opendnssec-announce] OpenDNSSEC 1.0.0rc2

Rickard Bellgrim rickard.bellgrim at iis.se
Thu Dec 17 07:37:46 UTC 2009

Version 1.0.0rc2 of OpenDNSSEC has now been released.


    * Signer Engine: Signer processes could remain open, if they were not close correctly.
    * ods-ksmutil: Got a segmentation fault, when an HSM was missing in the configuration. Only applied to versions using MySQL.
    * Zone fetcher: Did not close files before moving them.
    * Zone fetcher: The serial arithmetic was not correct.
    * Auditor: It now ignores unrecognized RR types.
    * Signer Engine: Wrong handling of escaped characters in strings (fixed in ldns trunk)
    * Set correct permissions on the configuration files.

Known issues:

    * Zone fetcher: When using TSIG, an incorrect MAC can be created if the length of the used secret is ‘too long’ (longer than the maximum digest length). This problem is in LDNS 1.6.3 and previous versions. This bug is fixed in the upcoming LDNS 1.6.4 release.
    * Auditor: Some good NAPTR records may fail to verify with dnsruby-1.41. This will be fixed in a future dnsruby release.
    * TXT RRs: Some TXT RRs with escape characters may fail to parse correctly with dnsruby-1.41 and ldns 1.6.3. This is fixed in the upcoming releases.

Download the tarball from: http://www.opendnssec.org/files/source/opendnssec-1.0.0rc2.tar.gz
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